At M&C properties, we attach unrivaled importance to maintenance issues and give it an appreciable value that is at par with that of our client. Our periodic maintenance calendar is always scheduled to meet the proactive control, management and repair of the property. We are guided by a sense of responsibility to apply preventive maintenance practice through the use of our property management software that identifies and deals with the related issues before they become unbearable or expensive to deal with.

As a matter of diligence, we undertake a written maintenance check program, detailed maintenance documentation, regular maintenance, on-site visits and excellent professional practical maintenance advice and accurate feedback.

Our services include the following:

  • Painting
  • Residency Management
  • Tenant Management
  • Rent setting, reviews, collection and management
  • Fire and Life safety equipment maintenance
  • Security Services & Systems Maintenance and Management
  • Facilities maintenance and management
  • Car park management
  • Financial Reports – Annual budgets and monthly accounts


M&C Properties Limited make property acquisition and disposal stress-free with a strategic and proactive sale and leasing approach to our clients’ housing problems. Our friendly Sales and Marketing team have extensive experience in sales, marketing and leasing of all types of properties be it residential, commercial, office space, rental, shopping centres, industrial buildings and warehouses.

Whether an Investor, Developer, Property Company, Public Entity, or Individual, we assure you of our timely and hassle-free Property acquisition and disposal services.

Our areas of focus include the following:

Property Sales: M&C Properties makes it stress-free for acquisition and disposal of properties on our hands. We approve of strategic and proactive sale and leasing approach to all Real Estates. We make your experience in realising the next property on sale an enjoyable one. With the expertise of our friendly Sales and Marketing Team, we put our clients close to finding houses or office spaces in Accra and the surrounding areas.

Land Sales: We guarantee our clients litigation-free lands on sale at very competitive prices in prime areas suitable for residential purposes. Clients in the industrial sector are also in our bookmarks and we have their specification within our confines. Our well trained and tireless team have what it takes to lead a client to acquire a land or lands without stress. Acquire land for yourself and move easily into your dream of owning a property.

Property Rental: M&C Properties has evolved the best approach to the aquisition of a rental property and in this view equipped its property team with the best ideas as to bring strategic and proactive ways to rental of a property. Our team will make the search for a rental property a never-to-be-forgetten experience because at M&C results are achieved without time. Our client’s request is always handled by a proactive and experienced sales and marketing team who are result oriented and capable of fulfilling the request of a client for any rental property in Accra and its surrounding areas. Our advanced search will be of immense help for a choice of rental facility.

Commercial/Retail Leasing: The deep understanding of the local landscape as a result of the indigenous caliber of the M&C Properties team of commercial property, research and marketing professionals, separates our advisors from those in other companies. Leveraging our state-of-the-art technology and advancement to bridge the gap between statistics and real data, our advisors help you to make the right decision on your choice of a commercial property to rent.


M&C Properties is made up of real estate service specialists in the various sectors who form a one-stop-shop for a large portion of projects throughout Ghana and West Africa. One of the core strengths of M&C Properties is its Multi-Disciplinary talent-pool with exclusive experience in working on various kinds of property-related disciplines.

Our services include;

Advisory services: M&C Properties provide quality advice and solutions to managing agents, property owners, property managers, landlords and occupants in relation to all aspects of commercial property and premises management. At M&C properties, the wealth of experience of our specialist could be tapped further for the benefit of landlords or property managers for solutions in the property management and services sphere.


Project investment and funding: A thorough finance strategy can be the difference between a successful investment and an unsuccessful one. At M&C Property, we link some of the best financial strategists to offer you the best financial advice for you to reach your property investment goals. Our Investor Services is focused on the acquisition and management of assets on behalf of investors across a diverse mix of sectors. The Investor Services Team works with our clients to clarify their investment mandates and identify suitable acquisition opportunities. We manage all aspects of the execution of these transactions and provide a range of asset management services which include:

  • Financing for land acquisition and development projects
  • Leasing
  • Rent collection
  • Landlord fit-out
  • Refurbishment
  • Redevelopment
  • Sale of properties

Valuations: At M&C Properties we undertake valuation of landed properties of all kinds and other assets for various purposes. We provide  truly comprehensive valuation services against the background of our professionally qualified personnel forming a formidable team to provide fast and committed service with accuracy and reliability. All operations are guided by the standards of the Land Valuation Board of Ghana and also by international standards.

Market research: M&C Properties provides strategic advice, forecasting and consultancy services to a wide range of commercial and residential real estate clients including developers, investors, financial, government and corporate institutions. We monitor and identify commercial property trends and deliver projections to help you make critical decisions. Our top-class researchers are continually sourcing and analyzing data in the client’s market, wherever that might be, to help clients adapt to drivers outside the jurisdiction of their industry and region that may impact their business.


M&C Properties, with our professional engineers and architects, believe that the nature and business of properties is not just about the roof over one’s head but also a solid investment that must attract good returns. The presentation and design of any property would warrant a carefully analyzed and engineered creativity that can only be  achieved by our inspired team. Just walk into the doors of M&C Properties with an envisioned idea of your property and we would transpose this into a conceptual design by analyzing your resources and prevailing conditions to realize your dream.