Who we are .....

M&C Properties has been created to provide consistent and reliable service to individuals longing to taste reliability and corporate bodies yearning to enjoy quality and affordability.

We have the best properties in prime locations for any class of people having the desire for perfect security, taste and quality.

We deliver value and provide comfort whilst maximizing suitability and affordability for our clients.

Our clients’ needs are paramount to our endeavours and we address that with priority.

At M&C Properties, affordability is our main focus, client’s comfort is our reward and quality is our hallmark.

M&C Properties – ‘Choice of Class ‘

Mission ….

To set a standard in the building and housing industry in Ghana by providing the best services to our customers, with quality as the main motivation and comfort as an incentive to our customers.

Vision ….

To expand beyond Ghana into other African markets and eventually other parts of the world with the main aim of providing services that are second to none.

Message from the Managing Director

It is my pleasure to have you at M&C Properties Limited. We are committed to innovation, quality of service and comfort for your property-owning life.

Our focus is on increasing growth and bringing real change that guarantees positive lifestyle in the communities in which we work and live. My dream as the leader of this innovation is to make sure all customers are satisfied and leave with a smile.

We are endowed with what it takes to satisfy the needs and wants of every client on our minds.

Our services are exceptionally offered and they come from a well composed team offering services from refurbishment, maintenance, repairs and operation of all Properties on our hands. The competence of our project team is doubtless as it specializes in managing and developing a wide range of comprehensive Property-related issues.

At M&C Properties, we have tailored services to meet the needs of our clients across the board.

We want to thank you in advance for helping us put a smile on your face.

Michael Bartlett-Vanderpuye.